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Team Effort

The concert I’m preparing for is not just for me. I’ll be the primary performer, the organizer, and the one choosing rep and putting it all together, but I have no intentions of performing alone. My goal is to produce a concert that is an extension of all the work we are doing now and will continue to do leading up to it. We’ve been unconventional, creative and unique, yet respectful to tradition. We’ve also been collaborative. There are so many other people behind the scenes supporting this initiative. From writers, marketers, photographers, videographers, producers, directors, etc., this project will not be successful without the countless hours given from these unsung heroes who believe in what we are trying to accomplish with GuitarBorn.

The same goes for my musical career so far. My goal as a performer is to get my audiences attention and keep it for the entire concert. I won’t be able to do that by simply going on stage myself and performing an hour’s worth of music on an instrument many don’t listen to regularly. Looking at my program so far, it looks like I will have a marimba, flute, small choir, double bass, Spanish soloist, and maybe even a DJ! Classical guitar will still be a focal point, but I think variety will be the key to a program that my audience will enjoy the whole way through. Give them something they’ve likely never heard before. Not only will that hopefully keep their attention, but it will also pay homage to why I believe I still play music. It’s because I can use music as a creative outlet with my friends, my family and my peers. There is something about a guitar that brings people together and this concert, this project, is no different.

-- Noel

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