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About the Project.

GuitarBorn Project is a short documentary chronicling the year-long parallel journeys of a classical guitar and its musician; from carefully planned sketches in the wood-shop of a local luthier, to a live performance on the stage of a world-class concert hall, where this custom-built guitar will make its debut. We decided to share this intimate glimpse inside the journey, for you to relate, to become involved, and watch the story unfold.


From his home in De Winton, AB, Cliff Regino, who works full-time as a Senior Project Controller, practices his craft out of his home based wood-shop, and integrates this life as an artisan into his personal life with Sally, his partner. Likewise, from Calgary, AB, Noel Amante, a Business Development and Communications Strategist, adoring husband to Hilary, and father of three, dissolves the lines between his family life and personal dreams as he follows a passion for music; both to satisfy his drive, and to be an inspirational example for his children. 


These long-time friends find a way to come together to both pursue, and grow, their individual passions; Cliff as a luthier, Noel, a musician. They know, however, the weight this commitment bears, and must realize that they cannot do it alone. Rather than letting real-life elements become excuses for ignoring their desires to be, and do, more, they make a conscious decision to lean on their families and career-driven personalities to propel them forward. GuitarBorn Project gets under these layers, examining their strengths, struggles, and the enigmatic relationship between a musician and their instrument, as it tells the tale of two creations: Cliff, skillfully handcrafting this classical guitar — and Noel, re-creating himself as a classical guitarist.


What begins in this wood-shop with Cliff’s bare hands and carefully crafted plans, will come to conclusion in the form of a full-length concert, performed by Noel on the very instrument born from their combined visions. Over the course of 1-year, Cliff, who is adept at building acoustic guitars, must find a balance between his modern skill-set and honouring tradition as he crafts his first classical guitar. Meanwhile, Noel must elevate himself as a classically trained musician in order to give a worthy performance with this priceless, custom-built gift.


This is a real-life story about personal growth and development, the value of following your dreams, and of the relationships that make it possible.


Luthier, artist, producer of amazing things.  Cliff has been creating wood forms from a young age; since he was 8 years old, he's been carving with his father.  He began singing in high-school and became a member of several local a cappella groups. Having an affinity for music and wood craft, lutherie bridges these two art forms in the most natural way.


Following Noel's early musical roots on guitar from the age of 7, he attributes his unwavering passion and persistence in life to his vast and fulfilling experiences as a guitarist, organist and vocal soloist.  Noel is known for his genuine and natural musical expression, and he thrives in the company of creative people, and energetic, dynamic environments.


Filmmaker, Cinematographer, photographer and creative story teller.  Jonard’s emotive style, creative expression and authenticity and  are iconic in his projects.  Working both corporately and as a freelance artist in Alberta for the past 8 years, he looks forward to the opportunity to convey his unique and genuine approach in this documentary.


Marketer, Web Designer, Writer, Social Media Manager, Musician, Mother, Hilary's skill set knows no bounds.  Her unique, artistic style is signature to her brand, and brings absolute beauty to everything she touches.  Working as an entrepreneur and creative thinker for her entire life, Hilary orchestrates all of GuitarBorn’s media into a brilliant mosaic of art.

The Crew

Special Thanks

A heart felt thank you to 

Salome Gonzalez, Tyler Waddell, Paige Boudreau, Shaun Crawford, Nathan Rogers, Mikael Job & Erin Thornburn-Watt

for your support and contributions to this project.  Without you, GuitarBorn Project would not have come to fruition the way that it has!

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