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Focused on the Doc.

This week has been dedicated to as in the previous post, ‘getting better’. I’ve spent almost every night after coming home from work on the neck angle jig. With quite a bit of research (basically watching Youtube videos) of what other people have done, I’ve taken elements of what I think are best practices and combined them with my own. I think I’ve taken control of my vulnerability as a luthier.

This week we filmed another set of interviews for the doc. We have captured so much to this point, I’m feeling that we are going to be well equipped to not only deliver on our Alberta Foundation of Art 10 minute doc, but even more so have the ability to flex into a full feature documentary. In my mind, worthy of submitting into film festivals.

In my observation we have a team that is willing to go above and beyond what we originally set out to do. We are allowing ourselves to venture out of the traditional film making ‘container’ and be fluid with our approach. And that’s why I think our team is capable in achieving more.

Collaboration is our strong point, we listen to each other’s opinions even though they could sometimes be on either ends of the film making spectrum so to speak. We most definitely have differing backgrounds and beliefs, although this is what makes the team so dynamic.

It’s definitely a learning opportunity for me as a begin to embrace the film making craft. I get exposure to the pragmatic way of film making, but also have freedom to explore and express my innate creativity within this craft. I need to thank the team for allowing us to grow together.

As part of my home grown ability to film making, I’m currently studying other documentary series. I’ve taken a different approach to watching TV. My awareness and senses are heightened. I’m always asking, “why did they do it that way”, or, “why am I feeling this way”, when I watch. I’m taking notes. I’m trying to understand the psychology. My thought is that I’ll discover the hidden ‘formula’ that these film makers are using. It’s a new craft, a new journey for me, and I would like to collaboratively use these learnings for our documentary,

I have to say, I take great pleasure in the documenting process just as much as I craft these guitars. As a start, I look forward to sharing my short films from the shop. Stay tuned!

-- Cliff

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