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Not alone.

We had a shoot last night. We needed to complete some overdue interviews for the documentary. It’s also a good time to get together with the crew and get on the same page. I think I scared the crew lol. During my on camera interview I was asked about what my plans were for the performance. I’m not sure why, but I thought most of the team had an idea of what my plans were based on my blog posts and even the Facebook live concert. Although the concert will be Classical Guitar based, the plan is to collaborate with many different artists who are part of the movement. Not only for entertainment value, but also to be aligned with the GuitarBorn mission; “Inspiring creative minds to get unstuck”.

Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the responsibility of putting on a show that is not only worthy of the guitar, but worthy of the stage I’d be performing on. I have an ambitious vision and I wasn’t too concerned about it until the crew started questioning my abilities to execute it on my own. I think they are right. My primary focus still needs to be around building my skills and technique and learning the music. If that isn’t there at the foundational level, then all of the plans will go to shit. After having a good heart to heart with Cliff, I realized that I don’t have to be alone on this. In fact, Cliff will likely be done the guitar in December and then he can really help me execute the show. He even getting some consultation with our close friend Albert who truly knows the music business inside and out. This realization excited me. The thought of collaborating musically to put on an unforgettable show with my closest friends sounds like the best project ever!

I’ve also made the conscious decision to perform music that will be relatable and interesting to our audience, rather than focus too heavily on classical music. Don’t get me wrong, I chose Classical Guitar because it is the purest form to elevate fundamental skill, but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

One of the newer pieces I’ve decided on is an arrangement by a kid from Hungary named Peter Gergely. Don’t know much about him other than the fact that he uses some really modern techniques that I’ve always wanted to learn. If I could master some of them myself, I could easily apply it to my performances with Amante Duo as well. If you aren’t growin, you're dying!

Look out GuitarBorn Community. This show is going to rock!

-- Noel

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