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Flexibility and readjusting is the key.


It takes a lot of coordination to get the team together for meetings and filming. But when we do, the creative juices flow. I realize that we all have families, friends, regular day jobs, and life to tend to, and this is what makes meeting in person so challenging. Things always ’pop-up’ and we reschedule. We really haven’t been spending time as a full team together. However, what’s making this all happen is the power of the internet, emails, texting, social media platforms. We meet and have our conversations virtually. Recognizing that everyone lives busy and hectic lives, flexibility is the key to making Guitarborn happen.

Even though we’ve spent time upfront planning the documentary, what to do, what to film and when, it hasn’t really unfolded exactly how we thought. Although this sounds somewhat uncertain for the outcome of the documentary, this is real life, what else did we expect. We try to plan our lives, but at the end our plan ends up being a mere guideline. Sometimes our plans work out, most times they don’t, they change and we readjust. This has been the theme for this documentary. When I reflect back on the last 4 months we haven’t kept to the schedule. Although, it’s flexibility that has kept this thing progressing.

Jonard lives close to me, which is actually the most convenient happenstance of the filming process. I have to say, if it wasn’t for this proximity, I’m sure we would be hard pressed in trying to capture all of the guitar build steps. I think it would have been somewhat of impossibility to achieve. When you have conveniences like proximity, flexibility comes easier. I’m thankful that Jonard comes down to the shop when I ask, I’m thankful that he commits his time and thankful that he is capable to readjust.

When we met this Sunday, all crew together, and what seems like the first time, it was awesome. We were able to share our thoughts and reflections of our experiences so far. It amazing how only a few months roll by and already, our thoughts and expressions of what guitarborn is and should be, have evolved. Flexibility also comes to play in our mission.

Four months ago, we asked ourselves about goals. Not to go too deep into what each of our goals were, they seemed a bit superficial, and lacked depth. Even though our website and social media reflect our mission statement, it doesn’t go deep enough. Now that I’m in reflecting mode, our execution strategy was too conceited in my opinion. I think there's too much, ‘look at me’, and not enough of circulating – tying back to my recent blog.

Our meeting of the minds went deep into the topic of how to gain authentic momentum. Our recourse has begun. Our perceptions of the project have changed, and we are on a path of creating something even larger. I’m trying to be vague here if you can’t tell, but if you’re interested in what our redirections look like, stay tuned.

Just a few notes on the guitar build progress, I’ve bent more stick of binding on this guitar than any other I’ve built. Redwood is brittle so take your time, use lots of water. Next week is binding. Later.

-- Cliff

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