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Staying Inspired

While waiting for the wood, parts, tools, and ‘all of the above’, as sad as it is to say, I lost some momentum because of the weather. The sun was finally shining and like everyone else in Southern Alberta, I was outside enjoying it. It’s amazing how much we are affected by staying in during the winter season. I didn’t think that wanting to be outside, enjoying life in the mountains, weekend camping, patio drinking would become an obstacle to progressing the build and the documentary project, but here it is staring at us.

Staying motivated, staying in the shade, while others are playing outside will be a true test of our passions, keeping to our goal to inspire others and more importantly keeping the momentum. A while back, I was doing some reading about ‘passion’ and the root word of passion is suffering. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but I connect with this at a deep level. I’ve questioned myself on this in the past and in the present. Why would anyone go through sustained ‘suffering’, am I really suffering? Do I like suffering? What compels me to continue on with my passion/suffering. What’s in it for me?

I’ve thought about this through the years, and these questions become easier to answer as projects come and go in my life. Anything in life that is worthwhile, takes time, and is not easy. The struggles, the mistakes, the failures, the learnings, combined with the triumps is what makes life interesting. Trials and tribulations contributes to better understanding our purpose, and brings meaning into our lives. Without it we are dull. I had to remind myself that through this project, I can contribute to the larger community, impact more lives, than I can by being outside and doing the things I also like doing. Yes, it is a small sacrifice, but the outcome of the project will be much more valuable and meaningful in my life.

This doesn’t mean to say I’m going to not enjoy the occasional beers on the patio, hike in the mountains, camping in the Canadian rockies, or golf. I will do those things, but in moderation. This will be a challenge, but what it also means is that I’ll need to strategically balance my life with this project.

I didn’t blog too much about what I accomplished this week, however, I think the pictures are self-speaking. This blog was more of a brain dump of what was going on in my head while in the shop, building and reflecting. It’s important to capture that in the early phases of any project, you gain momentum, near the middle, you will get distracted and lose momentum. What’s more important during the whole process, the entire duration of the project is staying inspired.

Some things that have helped me continue the grind, is deliberately finding inspiration. It’s all around us, in nature, on Instagram, talking with people, circulating cool ideas, sharing. This week I had my guitar building comrades (Tyler and Graeme) share their most recent projects over a couple beers, in the shop with the garage door wide open.

Key thought from writing this blog; I think inspiration leads to motivation, and circulation keeps the momentum.

-- Cliff

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