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Looking Foward

It’s been slow week on the guitar build. I don’t have all the tools necessary to complete binding the guitar. Made the order last week and was hoping that it came this week. In any case, the day job has taken the week over anyway, so even if it came I wouldn’t have had time to use it. So, I continue to wait patiently.

We started filming interviews this Saturday. We only had time to do the group interview and then Noel’s personal interview. I’m pumped to share my thoughts on this project. It will be a look back to how this all came to be, what motivated me back then and now today; perhaps even reminisce about the early days. I don’t know what the interviewer will ask but all I know is that the story will reveal itself when the time comes.

Noel did amazing today during his solo interviews. Man, the memories he brought up were awesome. Stories of inspiration even back then are inspiring still today. Its crazy how life has almost made me forget these moments. Although, all I can say is that these are the moments that have brought us here.

I look forward to what Jonard will do with all the footage. I look forward to the next shoot. I look forward to binding this guitar. Stay tuned.

-- Cliff

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