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Is it St. Patrick's Day?

I’m one week behind and pushing through to get back on track. This week, Jonard and I had a scheduling session to organize our thoughts around what we thought was important to capture, and how often during the week we should get together. It’s much harder to build a guitar with the notion that almost everything must be documented, captured, with lighting in mind, with the shot in mind. We’ve contemplated faking some of the scenes but in my head I want this film to be as authentic as it should be. This documentary and all of our behind-the-scenes should really be synonymous. We want to document exactly how things are unfolding. No sugar coating or ‘faking it’ as the team might say. Filming this weekend was another wicked experience. It was progress, it was creating, it was natural. Being so focused on each step in front of me and looking forward 3 steps ahead, it’s hard to keep track of the outside world. I forgot completely that it was green beer day - happy St. Patrick’s day! Goes to show that when we are in the shop we are in our element - a world of creativity. As I’ve mentioned before, this is my first classical guitar build. In concept, the build techniques are all very similar to a steel string. The major differences are the top bracing pattern, neck and headstock design, bridge design, tuning pegs, and nylon strings. It’s not a steep learning curve, thank goodness. We joined the tops and backs, bent the sides and joined them in the jigs. I enjoyed every step. It’s ridiculously addictive and I made sure to document as much as I could along side Jonard.

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