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The rubber meets the road. The GuitarBorn Project doc, this journey (our journey!), has begun. It has been over a year since this concept has been mulled over by Noel and I. From conceptualizing, developing a top-grade team of professionals to see this project through, countless conversations about what our collective and individual goals are, two failed AFA applications, one failed Telus Storyhive 100K submission, and another AFA application pending approval - it’s been a valuable and amazing journey already.

Although I mention that this project has ‘started’, in the back of my mind I have it that this project began even earlier. As early as late 2014, when Jonard was formulating his concept of showcasing local artists, musicians, influencers, and calling it ‘ILOVEYYC’, this guitar documentary concept came to life. There have definitely been a few gaps along the way...but it’s important to note that it has been 3+ years since this all came about, and that it is persistence, perseverance, and commitment that has gotten us to this point. Through set-backs and just 'life' in general, this project could have stopped, and life could have gone on. But, Noel and his undying relentlessness to making this happen and to bring this concept to life is our first success. It’s a blessing to share this kind of drive with someone, on a project like this.

The first week of filming, testing, getting the lighting, creating the mood, was an incredible learning experience. We successfully captured the selection of all the parts that would develop into Noel’s custom-made classical guitar. It will be one-of-a-kind, and an absolutely stunning work of art.

I learned a lot about myself during this shoot. I noticed that during the shoot, my senses and awareness of my surroundings were very much heightened. After seeing the shots Jonard captured, I already know where I can offer more of myself when on camera. The way I talk, the way I listen, what I say seemed natural, but I know that the as time goes on I will only get better. Needless to say, I’m excited for more shots to come.

Jonard and I spent more time discussing our thoughts on the film that evening and again on Thursday evening. Through our conversations, I’m surprised that Jonard’s vision and philosophies on the elements of capturing this video are uncannily similar to the vision Noel and I have. It’s a true blessing to have this guy on our team. Jonard is one of the most talented visionaries behind the camera and film. He offered a teaser video just to get a flavour for the mood, and I can confidently say that we are so lucky to have this talent.

So...I’m off to Beijing this coming week for work and I’ll be away from the project physically, but mentally I’ll be in. Deep. I think this trip will offer new perspectives and ideas for the project. Until then...

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