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In Beijing

Travelling to Beijing for work was a concern when planning the build stages of this custom guitar. Being away from the shop meant no progress on the guitar. It introduced some uncertainty and lack of confidence in the build completion date. I wasn’t sure how frequently I would be away, which in a way could compromise Noel’s concert date and inevitably his performance quality. We need Noel to have the guitar sooner than later. This allows him to get familiar with the guitar, connect with the guitar, and ultimately become one with the guitar. This would be a success in the eyes of our project.

Although, surprisingly, being away creates a fondness to work on the guitar even far greater than when I’m in Calgary. There has been a sense of motivation gathered here while in Beijing. I’m surrounded by a great history of art form, beauty and balance, amazing architecture, and advancement. There is a reinforcement that accomplishments are important. Greatness is important. Achieving the unachievable is paramount. Overcoming adversity is key to success.

My accomplishments this week come in a different form. Slightly different in the way of advancing the project, but regardless, a contribution. I purchased filming gear for the project on Jonard’s request. I found a small kiosk in the Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market) that sells cameras and accessories. Negotiating was fun and we got a great deal. This purchase brought me to appreciate Jonard’s craft even more so. In film making, and in this purchase, I’ve learned that there are specific tools that are helpful in capturing that beautiful shot. Just as with handcrafting a guitar, there are specific tools in each step that contribute to creating a masterpiece. Acquiring these tools for the project will contribute to the overall quality of our film.

Even though there will be weeks that go on when I’m not working on the guitar, I know that there is always a way I can contribute and bring us closer to our vision. In my mind, this trip to Beijing was just as productive as being in the shop. It’s the little things over time that amount to greatness.

My time is almost up here China, and I can’t wait to get back to bend those sides.

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