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This is my first time writing and contributing to a blog. My first thought is that journaling will be a really good outlet to share the flurry of ideas, thoughts, aspirations running on my head. It will be a way to organize a spectacular year, a busy year, a year full of growth, failures, learnings, and triumphs.

Yesterday, Noel and I had a project discussion around our Social Media strategy and lined up some thoughts in preparation for execution. Hence, these weekly blogs. This is such a great way to keep everything organized, consistent, and standardized for smooth project delivery and will help us to communicate to the world some backstage insight to our project. In my conversation with Noel, the one thing that sticks out is Hilary’s unrelenting commitment to manage and steward our marketing campaign via website updates, social media posts, and general media communication.

I was listening to a pod cast this morning on my way to work and one thing that I picked up on was this concept of doing things alone. The thinking that one can accomplish great ideas/goals/dreams alone is . . . STUPID, absolutely STUPID. Leaning on and trusting in others is an awkward concept for me as I tend to want to do things by myself for the most part. This will be my first growth opportunity as we embark on this project. Although, it is important to say that this project is already on its best foot forward, and it’s because of the team that we have. We all share a collective vision of success and are motivated to accomplish something bigger. We hope to ultimately help and encourage others to find their purpose.

It’s show time, the talk is over, so let’s begin the journey. This weekend, Noel and I with Jonard's direction are selecting the wood that will be transformed into the masterpiece that is soon to become a major character in the GuitarBorn Project. The wood selection for this Classical Guitar will be artistically captured by Jonard. What’s interesting about this experience is that it is our first attempt at capturing content for the film. It will give us some insight into the style of film we are creating. It will be trial and error, and it will be awesome.

Wish us luck. Here we go!

-- Cliff

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