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Head Space.

This week, the long awaited guitar tuners I’ve ordered from Japan are finally here. I’ve created a ritual of opening parcels in the shop. I made an unboxing video for Noel to share the experience of seeing these tuners for the first time. The video is weirdly satisfying. The guitar neck has been finally set to the body, and now waiting for fine tuning and fitment.

Last week, before I set the neck, I got ahead of the finishing part of the build. This means, the bodies have been pore filled with epoxy resin, scraped and sanded to smooth to the touch, ready for laquer. During that repetitive process of epoxy-scrape-sand and repeat over what seemed like a month, I was able to appreciate coming into the shop to think.

There were days where I would be exhausted from the stresses of work, and general physical fatigue from helping others with their personal projects. Although, the late evenings spent in the shop has been my solace. I could reflect on the work day and at the same time work on my self-awareness. It’s a place for me to rationalize and digest the day.

In most cases I would concentrate on a moment during the day that made me uncomfortable, and I’d ask myself, why was I uncomfortable about that situation? Why am I focused on this? why is it affecting me so much? Should it affect me? I’ve come to realize that I worry too much about what other’s opinions are. I have learned that in order for me to get progress in anything in life, including work, I need to be independent of the good or bad opinions of others. I need to be wrong once in a while, and take chances. And not worry about outcome.

I don’t think I could have come to this conclusion if I didn’t have a space or time in solitude to think. I was able to be in a flow state with the guitar building process while at the same time resolve my inner conflicts.

I see the guitar shop in a different light now. Not only is a place to explore massive creativity, it’s where I go to organize my thoughts. I hope this inspires people to find their space.

-- Cliff

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