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Take the time.

As I was finishing sanding the body to move on to the next steps of fitting the neck to the body, I discovered I had sanded through a part of the rosette. This has set me back, who knows how long. It could be a lengthy surgical replacement or rip the top off and start the top from scratch.

You can only imagine the ‘f’ bombs I threw out of my mouth. My patience was most definitely tested. With stresses at work and now stresses in the shop, my supposed place of peace, life's challenges are stacking up. This is it. This is how life is. Expect there to be mistakes. Be expected to figure out problems.

As I share the setback to the team, family, and friends, they couldn’t help but notice my frustration to figure this one out. I got a lot of, “ how do you think this happened?”. I fed off of this. It came very quick to know that, if you don’t put in the effort how do expect to get any results. This is basically how I got to this low point. I didn’t put in the effort, the extra care when setting the rosette. It was warped. I didn’t take the extra 5 minutes to flatten it with an iron. So now, I’m putting in the effort, spending hours, after the fact, to TRY and make it right.

If you take the time up front, focus on the little things, you will find the successes down the road. This is, in many ways, attributed to all circumstances in life in my opinion. This is how we succeed in our relationships, in our day jobs, in the things we are interested in. So take it from me, take the time and do the little things. They count.

On the flip side, I’m still looking for the silver lining in my situation. . .

-- Cliff

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