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Silver Linings.

I’m lead to believe that there are silver linings in all problems and challenges in life. This week I had the opportunity of salvaging Noel’s guitar top. It could have been much worse. I could have been replacing the entire top. Taking the time, glowing slow, thinking before I act was the only way I could achieve this. With the new rosette installed, I have to say . . . it’s better. It matches flawlessly with the blood wood details and compliments the cedar top.

With this second guitar finding its way as a new character to the GuitarBorn project, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. I don’t know where to focus my time. So I’ve had to sit back and plan the second guitar in my head and in my journal. I will need to lag this guitar behind Noel’s guitar by a month or so. A thought that wasn’t obvious at first, I initially thought I could finish both at the same time.

Sometimes when new projects come into our head we want them done right away, we have too much ambition and hence, we underestimate time. Recognize this. What-ever time you think you need, double it, heck, triple it. Good things take time.

Working the day job; building these two guitars; putting in the effort into the guitarborn project; conquering setbacks, I’m beginning to feel exhausted. Although, what keeps me going is the thought that a silver lining awaits ahead. Not knowing what lies ahead is what keeps me moving - I like surprises. But honestly speaking, what keeps me going is my health. Exercise every day, sometimes twice a day. Drinking water is a struggle for me, but I force it knowing the benefits. Sleeping seven or more hours, although hit and miss these days, is a must. As I write this blog, - it’s a miss.

As I work endlessly, I find in my personal life there are things that give in. I haven’t been spending time with Sally. This demanding schedule usually wouldn’t fly with our relationship, although, the saving grace is that she is in mid-term mode – so she hasn’t been missing me too much. Silver lining? It is worth mentioning, she went back to school to achieve a Masters in Occupational therapy. A journey and story worth being told in itself.

I see parallels in what we are going through. Overworking, struggling, and hopefully, eventually conquering through. Everyone gets tired. We are humans. Just make sure to rest when your body tells you to. This weekend, I’ve given into SOME rest, I listened to my body, but not as much as I should have.

In the coming weeks, let’s see if I can make some time on the schedule.

-- Cliff

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