My Focus has Shifted

July 14, 2018

Let’s face it; distractions will steer you away from the things you want to do most.  We call that life. Work is taking control of my current state of being. You could say I am work.  There is an important milestone coming up at work and a lot of up front effort and preparation is required.


On top of all this, a trip to Colombia has been on the books for such a long time now, and it is finally arriving.  I’m not complaining, actually I'm very grateful that this is all happening. So, until all of this has taken place, my focus has shifted. Needless to say, it will be extremely difficult to set some time aside for the GuitarBorn project, so for now, in my mind the shop is closed for business.  It will be months until I’m back.


-- Cliff





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Dust off, drive forward.

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