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We need to get more involved with the community if we want traction in the movement we are proposing. Hence, the vignettes. However, we need to explore more of this in other aspects of the project. We met with Albert, a close friend who is considered a great litmus test for anything we do in life. An out of the box thinker, and generally speaking understands what works and what doesn’t in entertainment. So we got his outside opinion of the concert. Noel walked us through this well thought out concert plan and openly asked for feedback.

His approach and timing was opportune. We discovered, in our discussion with Albert we were not considering enough performers outside our circle. We needed to showcase other artists to not only have variety in the show, but to also demonstrate that there is a community out there that is experiencing a similar story. We need to shed light on these people. This is what will drive the movement.

In addition to this, as I mentioned in my previous post, we will have all of these vignettes of others living the GuitarBorn theme. We need to make these an essential part of the concert.

Contribution. As part of being more involved with the community, giving is paramount. We’ve been asked, what happens to ticket sales? where does that go? Well I’m pleased to say that it will go back into the community. It’s not about us its about you, as I’ve often written.

Noel and I have explored other means to give back. One thing I’m excited to mention is that we are auctioning off a guitar that I’m building along side Noel’s. All profits from the sale will, again, go back to the community in some way or form. We haven’t gotten the details ironed out but we’ll gladly share what we come up with. The cause will obviously coincide with the GuitarBorn values.

As the weeks go on, speaking on behalf of the GuitarBorn team, we will continue to collaborate with people outside the circle to get feedback, ask for help, in efforts to get the best possible outcome for the show. A show that resembles our values, authenticity, and not to mention quality entertainment.

-- Cliff

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