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I’m finally complete the neck jig, tested it and happy with the results. I’m sure I’ll find additional improvements along the way as I use the jig on these next few guitars. It took a lot longer than I expected, but why am I surprised. Anything I do always takes longer. I go down rabbit holes, go after near-perfection, I go after quality. I think that’s the attraction for me. I get to explore my limits, patience, and challenge myself to seek a final result that gets my dopamine levels peaking.

Check out the video. I’m experimenting with mobile phone movie apps; movement with the gimble; testing shots; appreciating lighting, and aperture. It will only get better from here. I’m interested in seeing my progression and development through these micro projects.

One of the things that Noel and I realized is that, so far, we are still somewhat ego-centric in our GuitarBorn project journey. We need to go outside our circle and begin circulating other people’s stories. We are challenging ourselves to do this in the most minimalistic way. Using our phones, the free apps, and our creativity. We’ve experimented with our partners and have come out with some astonishing results! So here we go. Look for these vignettes of other people who are on the same path.


Video to come.

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