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Planning is Recalibrating.

Life comes with challenges, and with each challenge, comes opportunity. Even though I’m stressed at work trying to get everything done all at once, I need to step back and do one thing at a time. And for that one thing, do it well. This also means that there are some things that may take priority at certain moments and time and then it will flip. Just as in the GuitarBorn project grant application, that was the last month’s priority, and now it’s flipped to my day job.

So to rid my work stress from now until the trip to Colombia, planning is my best way to tackle it head on. Dedicating each day to one task and focusing on that task to completion is my tactic. The overall strategy is to have all the priority deliverables in a state that can be picked up by other coworkers while I’m away. Perhaps the most important part of this strategy is over communicating what the strategy is to those other people. That means daily desktop showcase of what I’m doing, writing notes on white boards, showing passion in what I’m doing at work so that they will carry it with the same mentality, same pride.

In the guitarborn world, this same strategy works just as perfectly. We over communicate what the expectations are going forward. As in my recent blog, recognizing what you are good at and sticking to just that and executing with absolute precision was the theme of our marketing meeting this week. We communicated clearly, we understood each other’s expectations and respected each other’s thoughts and positions within the guitarborn organization. We are recalibrated.

For some reason as I finish this blog, with my thoughts on paper so to speak, I’m not so stressed anymore. Cheers to planning and people who hold their own weight . . . and others. Great meeting with Noel and Hilary today. All I can say is that we’ve got an outstanding team, people that you can rely on. On one final note, they’ve pushed me in a direction I was scared of going. Some homework. Being in front of my phone camera and talking. Anyway, watch the videos below if you haven’t already.

I’m back at the end of August – until then.

-- Cliff



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