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Strength & Weakness

I’ve heard this saying so many times in this year alone, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. I finally learned that this phrase was the coined by the philosopher Aristotle, this phrase aptly defines the modern concept of synergy. When I discovered this, I realized that it resembles the guitarborn team. Why am I writing this? I know most just want to hear what steps I’ve taken to progress the guitar, but I’m at the point where my social media posts and videos are self explanatory. Instead, I think I could provide more value to my audience if I shared what’s going on in my head while in the shop.

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is a concept that I’m only beginning to believe in now. I am one to always work alone, succeed alone, and seldom ask for input into projects that I embark in. And even though I would ask, the suggestions I would hear wouldn’t weigh in especially if I’ve already made up my mind. I’ve been like this since I was young. Very particular, to some degree a perfectionist. I think my parents even told me this. As I grew up through the years, in school, singing in groups, working on projects in both my personal life and professional life, I knew that team dynamics was key for success. I’ve come a long way in my professional career for relying on others and trusting others to an extent, however, there is still a linger of my want to do things my way. Now in my personal life, I feel like I haven’t come too far along in terms of relying on others. This is stubbornness, absolute stubbornness.

Although, I say all of this, I’m realizing quickly that greater things can be achieved when you thrive and count on the team environment. If it wasn’t for this project, I wouldn’t be sharing thoughts on a blog; share my artform to the world; realize the true power of relying on people’s strengths to achieve life rich goals. I’m learning that my standards can be achieved just by communicating effectively to those who support the project directly or indirectly. Having clarity in communicating verbally, virtually; having empathy towards others thoughts and accommodating when ever possible as much as possible; listening actively and trusting new ideas; removing a negative bias on all unique ideas and accepting them and trying them. All of these things and more, are key ways to winning in life, and winning in this project.

My family went to the cheap theaters and saw the remake of the 1996ish Jumanji. And the scene that resonated most with me was when the characters were all discovering their strengths and weaknesses. The movie was able to demonstrate that all strengths and weaknesses, if recognized, acknowledged and utilized strategically would ultimately contribute to achieving greatness.

As we progress this project, as I open my mind to the world and the team members, I really hope they too accept my self-actualizations and self-discoveries in efforts to grow with and

achieve greatness in this project and in due course, create a legacy, a movement.

-- Cliff

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